Welcome to Veterans Taxi

Veterans Taxi was created with the “Vetrepreneurial” spirit in mind. Our goal is to provide opportunities for growth and success to all military personnel and their families as they transition back to civilian life. Veterans Taxis are powered by natural gas, and the majority of the fleet consists of new MV1 vehicles, which are wheelchair accessible. We offer American made wheelchair accessible vehicles, powered by American CNG fuel, and driven by veterans, who are “Proud to serve you- again!”

  • 24 hour dispatch service
  • Metered Rates
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles available
  • Powered by CNG, American Fueled
  • Dependable quality taxi service, Driven by a vet who is proud to serve you again!!

  • A messege from the CEO, A Vietnam veteran who proudly served in the US Army:
    I started the Veterans Taxi service to fill a pressing need, not just to provide transportation alteratives to the men & women who made countless sacrifices in service to our nation, but also to our returning veterans a better chance at making a good, honest living for themselves. Thank you for your support of Veterens Taxi & our Vetererans.

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